Easter has been stopped?  Don’t think so.  The last two Sundays over 700 full views of worship each week.  We may, with your help, top 1000 on Easter.  Invite someone to join you.


Church has been halted?  Don’t think so.  I know scores of you are checking on others, taking basic supplies to those who shouldn’t get out.  Taking in pets, helping people stabilize after job insecurity, even emailing and calling staff with words of encouragement.  People are volunteering to do ministry and be ministry.


As I’ve pondered my sermon for this week, I reflected on how similar this season is for us in comparison to that first Holy Week and Easter.  They were discouraged.  They were under a basic shelter in place.  There was fear and anxiety.


Key words for Easter, then and now:

Tomb is Empty
He is not here.
Do not touch me (John 20)


Empty. Not here. Do not touch.


And resurrection came.


Just saying.


Resurrection will come.  Empty.  Not here and do not touch cannot stop it.


Hope you join us, from wherever you are, on Easter Sunday.


I miss your presence, the in-person kind.



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